"Being a professional fly fishing guide and fly tyer, combined with a green conscious, guarantees your place in those blessed rivers of the ever after.." -Bruce Lee


STRANGE HEADLESS BIRD RANCH IN SOUTHERN KANSAS found to be raising headless birds (hence the name “headless” bird ranch)
Oh knock it off there is absolutely nothing wrong with genetically changing creatures to suit our own freaky creepy funky fancy::::
less there is the same the more there is for tomorrow..WHAT EVER IN THE HECK THAT MEANS…
my friend’s daughter says OMG I LMAO..
I figure if she could talk as well as she doesn’t then she could be the perfect politician….
New headline found here,,”The White house announced today it is going through with its plans to NOT support stem cell research because if they were supposed to be saved by god then they wouldn’t be dieing..duhh,,”
Meanwhile please keep working jobs you hate so you may buy shit you don’t need…..
Whats all this leading to you ask..NOTHING ! That’s my point…

There seems to only be one in a crowd that's actually watching whats happening...

It must be that there is nothing that is that interesting that we pay attention to that which isn’t that thing ¬†that we should be paying attention to…

If you pay close attention you will hear just about anything you want to hear… problem is getting you to hear what you NEED to hear….


One Response to “STRANGE BIRD RANCH”

  1. well if you believe this then you might just believe all the crap tha comes out of politicizations mouths ,I for one go with believe half of what you see and none of what you hear

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