"Being a professional fly fishing guide and fly tyer, combined with a green conscious, guarantees your place in those blessed rivers of the ever after.." -Bruce Lee


Literally Hundreds of Pounds of Paper

…………………….I WANT EVERYONE TO STOP BUYING PAPER PRODUCTS RIGHT NOW………..unless the products are recycled. There that’s done now lets plan for a brighter tomorrow…..

Hey ‘cmon I’ve got enough old magazines to fill a…uh…box…
SO here’s the dealeo…1971 magazine, same info as today, same bugs, same rivers..(except the rivers where the trout didn’t get enough trash to eat so they died, or the rivers filled with silt…or people…or peoples poop)….

Same sales techniques as well…”wear these lines and you won’t look fat, use these top 10 nymphos, spry on this floaty and you’ll taste just like real Dr. pepper..” Crazy that what worked then is still working now…I mean the sales gimmicks…
PLEASE USE THE INTERNET !! online is faster and its old lead filled toxins seeping into your skin…your children can’t lick the internet and die of cancer…no paper cuts……and a lot less waste to sort through for the homeless…..

Trees have recently been seen seeing us...

This Tree as well as many others have recently been observed observing us and when asked “why?” , they couldn’t answer because they didn’t have any mouths… HOWEVER, there seemed to be this LOOK in their EYE that said “C’MON Knuckle heads stop friggin destroying living things , you’re supposed to be an ADVANCED society of intelligent beings….” or perhaps they just had sap in their eye…..

BOOKS ?? YES I LOVE books….!

I own these and HUNDREDS more !!

..However ya have to admit that if we aren’t using recycled products to make books we’re being a little ridicules. I know..I know..I love old book stores and the strong smell of coffee and moldy paper but the whole thing is only cool if its worn and tattered books from many old and tattered owners…those that have life stories of their own, escaped book burnings and crayola crayon carrying little brats…Books given to friends and signed by lovers, books stolen from libraries during some mis-spent youths college days before their realizing fishing is more important..those books belong in the book stores…

These new books should either be 100% recycled with fabric covers and soy ink or they should be banned and ridiculed by the religious cults from here to Tibet and… track a little…

Speaking of religion I was at the Christian book store the other day enjoying a dark roast and bran muffin when I suddenly, by complete surprise was surprised suddenly by this supprise…a BIBLE that cost $2000.00 …”Holy SHIT..!.” ya I said it out loud….didn’t mean to…just happened….

I couldn’t help thinking there could be at least ONE hungry mouth to feed that might could use part of those proceeds….I checked and there was no sign that the Bible..or ANY bible for that matter was printed on recycled paper….weird. Then I realized that most religions don’t really hold us accountable for our sins against the earth or it’s creatures..matter a fact religions are usually used to justify and even promote the irresponsible behaviors..

I had a child tell me once that the fish will always be there because God replaces the ones we take out of the ocean. God apparently does this at night when he can’t be seen, and that explains why we have such great Steelhead returns lately….or it could be that the hatchery fish actually came from the hatchery…who knows ?  This same belief applies to recycling…”There aint no reason to recycle because we will not need this earth in the after life”..I was wondering what afterlife misty mystical foggy belief of permission to not really care whats going on around you because this life doesn’t really matter…what..?   crazy…crazy…

Back to some basic facts…. These should help you understand some scary things about yourself, your family, your work place and your community….Question is what are you going to do about it…?

A Wonderful Wild River.....and casting into a head wind....

ONE of the many problems with Guiding Fly Fishermen as I’ve always seen it , is that we introduce a paying customer to something we hold sacred…close to our heart and soul…for a price ? A couple hundred dollars ?

See the IRONY in this.? As I strive to protect what I believe to be foremost important, right up there with family and good dry-fly hackle..I also am taking folks who don’t understand why it is so important to me and I’m showing them the door, giving them permission to invade and to Tromp on that which we care so deeply about…

OH YES I am too aware that as a guide I am supposed to be teaching ETHIC…care for the sensitive environment, pack it in pack it out, tread lightly and TIP heavily !!

The majority of folks that come and pay to play aren’t the folks that are looking to submerge themselves in the waters of life..they want for their desk..IPhone email from the boat..recording the screaming reel with the drag set light and forwarding it to their employees to hear as they pile up the pounds of Carbon sitting in Two hour deep traffic in a city that’s piped in as much stolen river water as they have piped out waste water…

Come on now don’t get pissed at me I’m just saying that if you love what you love then don’t sell it….for any price….

Students who appreciate the natural resources are students that start early and stay late..

At what point does the Fly Fisherman STOP buying paper products from the grocery shelf, bagging them in plastic, dropping the paper receipt in the trash ? and when do you start asking the folks publishing all the wonderful things we love to see and read, to do so online only…..for the sake of the rivers, trees and for the next generation…..tell stories around the table….in person….about recycling…..100% recycled paper or post it online….

OK ok..enough preaching and complaining about things that are out of yours and my control..I mean really now, it’s cool to talk about all this but everyone knows that in this country people can’t just stand up and say..”Hey !, umm excuse me we don’t really like all the waste and pollution so can we please stop pooping in our own soup..?”  Never gonna happen…?!  Wanna BET..?

Just take a look at these NEW GUIDE BOOTS from a leading Fly Fishing Gear manufacturar…COMPLETELY recycled materials and resistant to those damn pesky Zebra muscles as well……


2 Responses to “NO MAGAZINES”

  1. Amazing Terry. Your words are like the whispers through the leaves of the aspens…not sure what that had to do with anything at all…but this is legit.

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