"Being a professional fly fishing guide and fly tyer, combined with a green conscious, guarantees your place in those blessed rivers of the ever after.." -Bruce Lee


FLY FISHERMAN’S GHOST HAUNTS the banks of Couer D’Alene lake as the worm drowning crowd gets a little freaked out…

Spirits like this one have been appearing and screaming at people..

Yes yes, I know, I’ve heard that as well, theres is no such thing as ghosts…and you are probably right…However that really doesn’t help explain this picture.. of an obvious spiritual encounter…and this very scared bait fishermen wondering what will happen next..? ?
Scientists have found proof that there is a message being conveyed from the spirit world to ours that clearly is an unclear message about picking up our own trash….?
“That is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard” stated Jimbo McGee as he filled his beer can and sank it to the bottom of the lake, “There aint no proof what so ever that trash bothers anyone who actually cares, Hell my grandpa said he used to use dy-no-mite and blow up the damn spawning pods of fish and fill his deep freeze so full.. he had to throw most of the fish away in the spring due to the freezer burned meat….and what did them old timers do with their trash, old oil and sewage ??  hell they just dumped it in the rivers and lakes and the fish ate it…thats why we usedta have so many fish before the Damn En-Viro-Mentalists got themselves all involved….damn tree huggin commies.”
Well FISHEADS was a bit stumped with this response as it seems there is actually proof that when people did dump everything toxic in the streams, rivers and lakes there WAS actually more fish…for awhile..then they disappeared about the time people were forced to stop dumping their crap (no pun intended) in the waters…maybe the fish REALLY did eat all that stuff…WOW, hey guys we figured it out !! NO MORE LAND FILLS just dump all that shit in the lake and the fish will eat it…holy carp..!
BOOO!!! wake up folks the spirits are watching and they are not amused…..

Interestingly enough FISHEADS undercover secret science guys have found that when we pollute the earth funny little events ..BARELY noticeable through the human eye,,,,happen GLOBALLY…like the disappearance of several hundred species..

I know this is silly I mean why would anyone care about bugs, snails and cockle shells…How about reptiles and amphibians…or Mammels…or friggen people…?

Ok just kidding about the people thing, any responsible adult would know we could stand to lose a few people for sure…

Can you imagine a little kids life without the wonder of wild things…only seeing these things through the glass window at the zoo or on T.V….

Little kids love these little fuzzy guys...

Oh isn’t that cute…the baby reaches for the little Caterpillar……at the rate Humans are going we will have destroyed  hundreds species or more…by the time this little guy has been around for only a decade…

Oh yes I know I’m beating a dead horse…thats a weird saying…How about we beat some folks that refuse to believe there is more important gifts  in life than money….?  Thirsty anyone…..

History has proven time and time again water is our most precious natural resource

History tells us in a loud firm voice that as a resource fails its consumers will take from their neighbors and when that resource is gone the civilization that used it dies as well…..and or becomes slaves to the next resource depleting society…

Soup anyone…?

FISHEADS anti pollution police discovered this chemical fish concoction in a protected wet lands area behind a large parking lot. The parking areas  gutter systems all seemingly made to deliver “clean rain runoff”  to the happy ducks and frogs of this pristine wildlife sanctuarry…..However, somehow, someone, forgot to mention to the folks building the parking area that CARS…yes CARS…..believe it or not..might frequent the area and then they might leak oil, drip lubricant, maybe shed road grime.  Humans might litter the area with every vile thing that comes from a shitload of moms and their MINI VANS…and that all the STUFF that was left on the parking area may get washed into the wet lands….uh..oh crap, sorry, I forgot where I was going with this…

OH YES now I remember…FISHEADS undercover agent dudes found out through a secret unknown informant (which is why they are called secret), ..that this was not actually pollution but IT was just a NEW way to sauté fish…WHAT..? WHO KNEW…sooo once again we here at big mouth response radio have to ask ourselves…”Is it really that bad, I mean does anyone really care..?”

Dangerous Rioting outbreaks abundantly abundant....

Well these Rioting rioters were found demonstrating along the banks of a free-flowing actually clean river…The demonstration broke into a fit of violence and extreme warlike turmoil as the Rioters were expected to actually set their food down before rioting any further down river….

This seems to be the way of the world now doesn’t it..nothing settled peacfully..people argueing as to whether we own this or that . whether we belong to IT or IT belongs to us.

Religions place all responsibility on some higher power…”It was placed here for us to use as we see fit….if we weren’t supposed to eat them they wouldn’t be made from meat….all life is precious, especially mine….”

I have to admit there is something sweet about not takeing responsibility for your actions and giving something you can’t see the ability to forgive you…..

Where does it end.?..when will we wake up and realize there is a limited amount left..? aliens exist and do they have Elvis..? these are the things that keep me up at night…

Knock it off,  it’s really not funny…what of the next generation….we will leave them empty of life……thus empty of spirit……and totally un-amused.


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