"Being a professional fly fishing guide and fly tyer, combined with a green conscious, guarantees your place in those blessed rivers of the ever after.." -Bruce Lee


BIG TROUT and BALD HEADS… This years BTnBH convention is to be held in Oregon on the coast. Last years event in Florida didn’t seem to go over so well due to the over abundance of frigging sunshine, blistered heads and complaints from locals. Linda Said her “burning stinging eyes caused from sweat dripping with sun block drizzling into the ol tear ducts sucked”…oouuch..

ouch ouch ouch....

This year however we have decided to stay in the rainy duck skinned clouded barely any sunshine part of the country, OREGON….!

We have many activities for the non fly fishermen and woman….NOT !!

Families are welcome to join us for the BBQ

( Roger and Marry, We prefer you leave your kids at home because nobody really likes your kids and you never even watch the little brats anyway …)

One event we have planned is to write hate mail to the tourist agency that suggested Florida for last years convention…And another event would be making fun of people who refuse to accept their own baldness ..

sticking feathers up your ass doesn't make you a chicken..

All in all we plan to have a grand time so please join the fun…
Remember ..”BALD HEADS never stopped anyone from catching BIG TROUT”


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