"Being a professional fly fishing guide and fly tyer, combined with a green conscious, guarantees your place in those blessed rivers of the ever after.." -Bruce Lee

Erosion, Beetle Kill and McDonalds (Or “Why is it so DAM hot)

A very beautiful river and scenic canyon in desperate need of a flush and some Hydro-seeding

“Erosion is a problem on the South platte”…..YA THATS a UNDERSTATEMENT !!  I recently read where a guy stated that “the sediment is all gone and covered up by nice spawning gravel..” Obviously this guy hasn’t really investigated the theory of GRAVITY….lets take a look at the simple idea of..a gold pan lets say…OK?  whatever..

So here’s the deal, ya place sand, gravel, mud, sediment and maybe some GOLD in the GOLD PAN…swirl it around in the water..and,, WALLA..!!! the heavy stuff sinks to the bottom…..”OH MY GOSH” you might say…

here’s one even crazier..if you don’t let the water wash away the sediment from the Gold Pan then the sediment just covers up the heavier gravels..and the Trout Eggs..I mean Gold…Golden Trout eggs….Trout eggs are Gold…Trout eggs are MONEY…HEY ! I got it..TROUT mean MONEY for the local economy…..HA HA !  I’ll be rich, RICH I tell ya….! Just as soon as we figure out how to get the sediment under control in the rivers…..oh ya I promise it’s not just a problem in the South Platte…..

Silt piles at the bottom of every draw and every draw meets with a tributary to the rivers...every draw is a seasonal tributary my friends..

More silt please…? More energy goes into delivering the hot coffee at McDonald’s than goes into making the general public aware of the deteriorating spawning grounds in this country…; Which would explain why the service at the local Micky D’s was so very grand…”GOOD MORNING HOW CAN I HELP YOU..?” the squeaky screaming voice bellowed from the loud speaker…have you ever seen the roadside billboards of the girls on Meth..some places use them to detour drug use…others maybe to encourage it..I’m not sure how it’s really working either way…However this Drive through beauty was the model for those billboards for sure…

Gave us a good reason to discuss fast food chains and their impact on our rivers as we hauled ass for the parking area below the dam..

Well you would be pissed to if you truly understood whats happening..

Are you aware that McDonald’s operates over 31,000 restaurants worldwide, employing more than 1.5 million people who are overweight…  McDonald’s operates in more than 119 countries, on six continents and the only thing that compares to their ability to spread far and wide.. is a virus…

Why does this matter..well SILT is a problem for fish..silt comes from ground that is depleted or that will not sustain plants hence no root systems and thus dry blowing dust in the summer and mud in the winter…all of which affects our water…in more ways than I have room to explain. However large-scale farming is a good start….Global warming might be another….Obesity another….

McDonald’s uses some oil…

vegetable oil is used..well it’s not really vegetable oil its soy bean oil..shortly there will only be one producer of soy beans and that will be the  Monsanto company and their Genetically Modified soy bean..(resistant to pretty much all forms of chemical controls)  This plant invades its neighboring fields. Other guys farms,  and once in those fields the neighbors find themselves neck-deep in law suits for growing this “Privately Owned” food source…

Lotsa Soy means Lotsa farms means Lotsa fuel being used…consume… consume… CONSUME !!…..I wonder when, from a religious perspective, if the word “Gluttony” is ever applied to a CULTURE or just one poor obese McDonald eating sap….

Obesity, Heart disease, Global warming, Slavery, and sticky floors are what this place has to offer..

Quick math for ya…(We were jacked up on coffee and adrenalin on the way to stick big pigs so what else would we talk about..?) The average amount of oil used at each Jiffy Lube..I mean about 1800 gallons a year, multiply that by the restaurants world-wide and….it comes out to around 52’700’000 gallons of oil…..WAIT ! why can’t they just set up collection canisters under all the leaking CARS at Wal-Mart..?

FOOD for THOUGHT…?  Actually fatty foods decrease your ability to think..stupid people tend to have less concern for their own well being..SOOooo McDonald’s has enhanced their job security through Unhealthiness……cool.

I asked what  the big “M” is doing to help….? well this is their public statement…”McDonald’s is recognized as an environmental leader for our commitment and our actions – to protect the environment for future generations. We recognize that our customers’ quality of life tomorrow will be affected by our environmental efforts today.”

That doesn’t really answer the question…….

Sexy fish like this deserve clean gravel to spawn in...

Steep banks made of ancient soils with nothing to hold the soil in place adds up to huge muddy sliding silty slurry yuckie put it scientifically..

Steep banks with little or no vegetation are quickly washed into the rivers season after season.

Sweet fish in an absolute wonderful place !! Rainbow and Browns grow to Trophy size here…One might ask why they..”THEY”…don’t just open the gates and flush the place…..well take a look at the thousand acres or more that burned around that area and you will see a never-ending supply of silt…

Whats the difference…? well healthy watershed produce heathy fish and that’s why it matters to me…well that and I like to breathe air and drink clean water and neither of those are owned by any major food chain or mass agricultural typhoon……YET !

This nice Salmon Fly would like us to consider his wellbeing next time we go sniffing around the ol’ dollar menu…

And I’m not knocking the fishing across the west er anywhere..BUT don’t you find yourself fishing downstream from DAMS most of the time….

salmon fly

Healthy Trees are vital to the stable weather conditions around the world. The Rockies…which are NOT only found in Colorado…have a small ..well HUGE…Beetle problem. The reason there is a beetle problem isn’t because as a nation of almost free people we chose to stop spraying pesticides across the wilderness areas …it’s actually because the winters are trending to be shorter..NO it isn’t because of GLOBAL’s because the folks that live there requested shorter cold spells cause they wanted to work on their tan….

Barely Recognizable, the beetle killed trees almost perfectly blend in due to their lovely dead color….the estimates have been pretty close to right on about how much timber is being lost.  The suggestion is through Canada and down through the good ‘ol USA we will have lost half our timber resources…MATURE 2010…OH is 2010 !

Heres a sneak preview of whats to come…..(SHhhhhh..this is a super secret kept from us by our own lack of interest as to whats going on outside of our usual cell phone fast food consumer worlds)…Do YOUR kids even know what trees are..?

Might not want to drop a match anywhere near here….wheres here ?? well its a couple THOUSAND MILES throughout the United States and Canada…These huge dead forests Don’t produce air nor do they filter it…Filter ? you ask..

Yes filter..simple really, they absorb from the air the toxins that contribute to global warming and send them down through their little tree veins into their root systems underground where they can’t really hurt us HIGHER INTELLIGENT life forms….did you send any trees a thank you card for this hard work…? was it made from one of their friends…?

There are obviously gi-normous problems that come with the massive loss of wild forest lands…the one we are most concerned with here is the lack of  a forests ability to stabilize its own soil…no shade no ground cover…FIRE breaks out…Burns everything…Then these mountains start to show up in the valleys, in the rivers, as sediment…..WAIT, isn’t this where we started..? I AM SORRY..i’m always talking in circles.!

It is all connected folks……


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