"Being a professional fly fishing guide and fly tyer, combined with a green conscious, guarantees your place in those blessed rivers of the ever after.." -Bruce Lee


Better to stay home and let Drake..the 9 month old fly fishing prodigy, watch as the tubes and feathers fly from the desk then have him off to daycare….don’t ya think..??

There are a few things I hate about fly tying…like I can’t seem to stay awake long enough to ty every fly I think I want…er whatever…

Sometimes I think I should be spending the time I’m at the vice on more lucrative projects like my book, that you all keep asking about, but then I hear about some new chromer caught in some river close enough to drive to and I’m back at the vice making sure I don’t run out of flies…ever…even ever after…

The difference one might say between me and those other guys whom actually maintain respectable jobs to pay their bills on time, is..well..

I guess I think that the imposed belief that we HAVE to pay taxes, work for MONEY and should only fish on the vacation time earned through hard work helping some other schmuck make money…is, uh..BULLCRAP..

How about we work for spiritual enlightenment by standing in a cold clear river, throwing very long casts at chrome illusions and absorb character through osmosis when shaking hands with the other fly casters who frequent those same holy places….

I know this seems like a silly thing to talk write about…type..whatever…

Did you see last week in the paper…where there are more people now living in cities than in all the suburbs and country settings combined….whos going to feed those poor suckers if the power goes out..can anyone say cannibalism…?

The reason I think of this stuff is because I am constantly looking to expand the knowledge I have of whatever…I can’t help myself, I read and surf and watch and can’t seem to drown out all the input except when I am in the RIVER…hence the desire to stay in the water all the time and be at peace….Do you guys hear voices when your fishing…Whispering voices…?

Last week I was in the river and casting for fun, just to cast, just for fun….when was the last time you cast just to cast…are you a grass roller or are you scared of the bugs….?

I hope everyone I know gets a chance to go chase fish every time they want…However I hope you don’t go at the same time I am going…!!


I have tyed using every vice there is and these guys are the GREATEST !

The site where Steelhead dreams begin……

I have tyed more flies on the HMH vices I own than most people will ever fish in their life time and I have never had to replace a single part…!!!

This family is deep with Tradition and the HMH VICE has started a dozen boys in this family on their way to being fine fly fishing men…….ONLY ONE daughter….and she has drawn a lot of attention in her life sitting at an HMH vice and tying flies for flyfishing audiences…..

Go BUY one right now and you will forever be thankful…!!!


There is art in everything that is fly tying..Tubes offer a "longer" time to demonstrate that art....and the STEELHEAD appreciate art...

There are some flies everyone should know how to ty because they work in a magnitude of colors and sizes, and for any variety of fish. Intruders are such a fly, These flies have become not so much a specific patterns but an idea free for the tyer to base from and use his or her imagination and artistic skills to create whatever comes to mind.

Bead heads, cone heads, waffle heads, spinner blades, monster heads, heavy tubes light tubes every material known to mankind and a couple casts in a cold river…..all adds up to STEELHEAD for me..and heres where it all starts…..

Tube flies need SWEET TUBE FLY BOXES...!

Attach the tube however you wish. Some tyers use super glue, thread base soaked with crazy glue, gorilla glue, head cement, or thread wraps to pin the hook sleeve to the tube……I like to leave the hook sleeve off and add it on the water choosing from an assortment of colors I keep in my vest.

Color is confidence based measured by ones success

Forming a dubbing loop and using a material that breathes yet creates bulk will help set the foundation for a full wing that breathes well in the water and wont lay flat or stick to itself….Arctic fox Tail, Badger, Coyote tail, opossum, or some synthetics will make for a breathable material and dyed in many colors there are many to choose from.

Polar Bear, Arctic Fox, Opossum, Alaskan Logger...These furs help keep the longer feathers from becoming "flat" or stuck together.

Once I have formed this base I start layering different wing material with various fiber length, starting with the shortest like dyed Amherst, Silver or Golden Pheasant tails.  Then adding dyed Pea Fowl, Rae or Blue Eared pheasant fibers…and then for longer fuller feathers I use stiff stemmed Ostrich dyed to my liking..

Dyed long fiber feathers with dark bars are really the cats whiskers...

Working these fibers into a dubbing loop seems to help them “stand up” better than tying them in separately…

Because of the dark and dyed barring the illusion of movement is larger than life...litterally.

Tying the dyed Pea Fowl in separately allows for specific placement….

These offer lengthy yet strong durable fibers and the white ones accept dye easily...

I like the fuller body Ostrich and ty it in separately so I can get the most out of the stem angle adding to the action of the fly in the water…

Adding another feather fiber with more body and a different color gives the fly more life in various flows of water..

The body of the Tube can be as simple as the tyer would like it to be or it can be a place to practice some skills needed to dress more difficult flies later…..Either way this is a fun change of pace literally right in the middle of tying this fly…

silk , Uni stretch, floss, chenille, dubbing, ribbed or hackled it all looks awesome..

This dyed deer hair collar makes for light weight bulk and a sure-fire way to keep your front wing formed up and out allowing it to breathe and create action away from your body and rear wing…..

Deer, Elk, Caribou, spun or stacked for more color will maintain a full breathing wing

Adding dyed Badger or Arctic fox will place a layer of color and add movement in the foundation of the front wing..Then I add Amherst fibers spacing them individually for a more symmetric layered wing…

Badger makes for an awesome full material with bulky underfur and medium to long Guard hairs that have natural dark tips, add Amherst in a different color and a bit longer, add Ostrich after that....

finish adding what ever wing material desired and then finish the head with Hackle, spun dubbing, spun synthetics or as in this case a spun deer hair head will push more water and with a monster cone can add a lot of movement…

Almost finished..Just in time to call in dead to work and head to the river….

This Blue Baby will take Steelhead just about anywhere CHROME swims....including the ocean..

Some tricks may be needed depending on the length of tubes you use and the equipment you have to ty with….I enjoy tying long tube flies holding the tube and dressing the fly in my hands without a vice, However this may not work well for others and being fluid in your approach to tying will improve your skills…

adapting to the situation is the fly tyers strong point

Gotta love big fishy flies and the chance to apply multiple skills during the same project…and flies this size are Projects…

When tubes are this long having the right symmetries are important

When tyed on light tubes like plastic or aluminum these huge flies are lighter than their counterparts when tyed on hooks or waddington shanks with stingers…look to my BLOG roll to find suppliers for tube fly products.

Hand size or bigger Intruders draw strikes from big fish.....and ya gotta LOVE THAT.....!!


WHAT ARE THEY going to do..?

WHERE ARE THEY going to fish….?

Lord oh lord why did you leave me here all alone……?

These poor Louisiana drum and spec guys have got to be the toughest guide crew ever…most RESILIENT for sure..I mean how the hell do you just keep going at it when you’re  HAMMERED every dang year by weather, politics, over harvest, laws and …OIL SPILLS..!

What kind of fly do you ty to imitate oil soaked shrimp ?  will everything in the gulf become an oily kinda foggy charcoal water murky looking fudge ? or will the ocean slowly push it all into the beach sand to stick to tourists feet for the next 50 years ? Will everyone go color blind……..

Well..while the south suffers over their never-ending pounding of natural and “not so natural” disasters..we here in the WEST deal with clean water waste….!

These HUGE puddles form every day as the local city and subdivisions “PAY TO SPRAY” clean water from our disappearing sub surface water supply all over the side walks and streets..MAYBE the friggen town will GROW ?    I HOPE NOT the waste is already fanominal…how can this be happening you ask…? What kind of degenerate third world country has a population of people who would take their AQUIFER For GRANTED…?

Could be worse…I guess we could start pumping treated Waste Water back underground to replenish the aquifer so the town wont sink….OH NO there’s already towns doing that..?? what did you say..? Treated POOP water and run off being pumped back into the aquifer to save towns from sinking…..I guess Mexico City didn’t hear bout dat or they could have stopped themselves from sinking 30 feet !! Holy Cow Bat Man did you just say Mexico City has not done this and we have…???

How can this be, oh the misery, oh the institution oh the unmitigated Gaul… oh my ass….

Well basically its NOT the HUMAN population’s  FAULT..

IT”S the sprinkler systems!! They are tired of the view, Rebelling against society…One RAIN BIRD was overheard stating that the grass is always greener on the other side and he wants a change of view…BLACK TOP is his view of choice and he said during a recent interview that there is now way you will ever change his angle…….from now on he says he’s watering the street because she looks parched basically….Locals blamed for denying their blaming about blaming the water shortages on the most recent president though they continue to pretend they aren’t blaming, there seems to be some undeniable signs…..

Right out in front of the TRAILER PARK....

And what did the locals have to say about their lack of involvement and what was their excuse for not letting their neighbors and the city and local government and the county and the state know about their lack of respect for water conservation..?

well…NOTHING really……..They all just keep their eyes to the grindstone and act like a tree and head out…..

OH I KNOW it’s sad but what the heck are you going to do??? I mean what could possibly be done..???? YA YA YA I KNOW I have heard that as well and I’m sure that everyone has seen the list….. OK FINE, I’ll go ahead and list some simple things they could do to help… since you insist..

1) Park your car on the leaking sprinkler to help cap the leak (This might be the answer to that nasty little BP problem in the gulf as well)

2)  Park your car where the window faces the sprinkler that is aimed at the street, roll the window down , fill the car with water and then transport it to the lake. Open the door and gravity will do the rest.

3) Park your car on the sprinkler owners head.

4) call 911 and explain that the majority of the world hates the USA because we waste more drinking water washing our fat asses in one bath than they can carry, 5 miles, on their heads, in their water bowls, in a life time.

5) Shoot Rush Limbaugh (OK I just added this one for fun..a kinda tension reliever of sorts)

6) Turn all the sprinkler heads toward the street, put out banners and balloons, call in the local high school TEENAGE cheer leaders in bikinis (because that’s not friggen weird) and charge money for a car wash…then donate the money to water conservation movements.

7) Park your car on the MOMS that let their daughters make objects out of themselves so they can later BITCH that men don’t respect their daughters.

8) Sabotage all the sprinkler systems in the world by spreading ZEBRA MUSSELS on wet lawns, in local water districts supply lines and in Toilets behind doors marked “For Customer Use ONLY”

9) Open a restaurant serving “Mini Mussels” in Beer Batter and charge hilarious amounts of money, then donate the money to water conservation groups and use this as a TAX right off.

Oh YA BABY !! they are small but the breed like rabbits...sorta....

10) Hire all the out of work FLY FISHING GUIDES from the Gulf Coast and have them run picket lines  in front of private residences that refuse to respect water conservation. Tips might even be better…

11) Just Give UP…………..

Just how much MONEY do you think you are willing to pay for BOTTLED WATER ?

WAIT !   HEY !   WHATS all this have to do with OIL…?

Well my friends conventional plastic is made from petroleum products, PRIMARILY OIL…. primarily…primarily…PRIMARILY…..!

Wasting water means less water, less water means privately owned water, which means bottled water and water bottles are made from plastic which is made from OIL…..

If I owned enough oil to poison a lot of clean water and make a lot of Bottles and buy a lot of “SPRING TAP” water to put in the bottles and then could sell it to TARDS that couldn’t remember I was the one that ruined the natural water supply to begin with…I’d probably shoot myself…..because I would never want to be that guy…………

WAKE UP people ..YOU are PAYING for something that was yours to begin with…..and your’e being way to polite about it.


Isolation and Solitude in such beauty....

Enjoying the river alone or with a small group of like-minded folks is a wonderful way to take in life…

“ There was some odd conversation with two retired guys from Washington the other day,,,they were PISSED because some guy from Idaho parked his RV where they wanted to park their RV’s……and the guys from Washington were headed to the Ranger Station to report that the Idaho trailer had been parked in their spot before they got there……from Washington…….and the Idaho guys trailer had been there for like..a month…which I believe is just over 14 days…which is the limit for parking an RV in someones spot in Idaho…which is where we were…
Check this out…Ok here it goes….: I drove 65 miles up the Couer D’Alene River and Teepee Creek, and never saw another camper, fisherman, hiker, hunter, or poacher…..and these two RETIRED guys from Spokane Washington find someone who isn’t even there to get PISSED at and report it to the authorities……65 miles of river !!!! and these guys pick a fight with an empty trailer….
AHH yes , and they walked a hundred yards to come tell me about it…..
OMG, that’s it I can’t stand it any longer I’m calling OPRAH…wait , no !, I’m calling Jerry Springer….

Hey there's some guy minding his own business...lets go dump our bad attitude and discontent on his shoulders while he attempts to enjoy life...

Has the world gone so crazy that people have to find someone to fight with when they are 65 miles out in the wonderful Idaho Mountains beside a sexy river with gorgeous WILD CUTTHROAT TROUT…..someone who isn’t even there…?
….C’mon….it is really simple…Treat and be Treated……
DID I MENTION there is 65 miles of no people…or campers…just the great quiet isolated outdoors……and 2 PISSED “retired” guys from Spokane Washington…

I’m thinking they turned down the wrong road…maybe they were headed for some other CDA river…closer to the city…

A few more fishermen and a few more vehicles and some more pollution and noise and an argument or two and satellite TV and ...AHHH...just like home...

These days the idea of isolation is as far from realization as the idea of growing ones own food…the very thought of being totally alone is inconceivable and to most folks walking the planet , almost a ridicules thought.. something to be associated with Grizzly Adams and some hillbilly moonshine man…..Now days ISOLATION means TURNING the VOLUME up so you can’t hear the Neighbors…..


Idaho Militia form the battle lines to fight this unnatural disaster

…………………..CRAZY IDAHO MILITIA TACKLES OIL SPILL WITH SNOW SHOVELS..!! “What else would they do?” asked Jim McGee’s wife,..”Use their fly rods…stupid ass reporters…

“FISHEADS reported Andy Griffith stated Tuesday before the Wednesday news that the oil was defiantly in the water off the gulf of mexico and there was a lot of shrimp ready to fry…

As always there wasn’t really any news but inaccurate news and bad inaccurate news at that…
When FISHEADS asked politely why we continue to soil our own beds the government official responded, “So what we have here is a failure to communicate, Next question please…”

President Obama currently unable to make clear statements gurgled something about his making the mistake and drinking water from a well near the gulf spill…..

Photo of Obama as his transformation into full FISHEADness nears completion...

One official was overheard saying to another official unofficially…”We neeed a simple answer for these simple folks so as to relieve their concerns about their lack of knowledge and understanding of what is actually happening here to the environment. So I propose we simple print one word, Affirmation.….. (
When confronted about his suspicious whispering the Official stated Loudly, “Yes ! I agree this is vitally difficult to comprehend and the damage is insurmountable with far-reaching repercussions and heart-felt dweedlums and diddlies to whence there will be serious responses i assure you…next question please…”

Oil companies have been discovered forcing the planets wildlife to DRINK OIL ..while they chant "Oil is good for you".

FISHEADS did discover some odd findings that we found while looking…IT SEEMS,… and this is just a crazy thing to discover,,,,That there is some ‘betting’ going on….YES ! you read..RIGHT ! gambling, placing bets, money stuff…It has been discovered that the Oil Companies are placing bets as to who can achieve the largest spill in history….
FISHEADS found this document, uh..well..we STOLE it..but we mean well….It is a quote from the leading oil dirt bags…check this out:

While the leak is extremely serious, and Obama’s words may ultimately ring true, the leak is (as yet) not even one of the top 50 biggest oil spillages, from either oil rigs or tankers, in historical perspective:

• Some 7-10,000 tonnes of oil are so far estimated to have leaked into the Gulf of Mexico from Deepwater Horizon.
• The Exxon Valdez leaked some 36,000 tonnes of crude oil on the shores of Alaska.
• The largest ever off-shore leakage of oil occurred in 1979 in the Ixtoc-1 spillage when an estimated 476,000 tonnes of oil polluted the Gulf of Mexico (Bay of Campeche).
• The biggest ever on-shore spillage occurred in the aftermath of the 1991 Iraq War when an estimated 1.4 to 1.5 million tonnes was released in Kuwait by Iraqi military forces.

Oil companies have instituted laws forbidding the manufacturing of vehicles, that resemble vehicles, in an attempt to fool the rest of the planet into thinking they are joining the battle against earths abuse...

The Obama Administration and senior BP officials are frantically working not to stop the world’s worst oil disaster, but to hide the true extent of the actual ecological catastrophe. Senior  researchers tell us that the BP drilling hit one of the oil migration channels and that the leakage could continue for years unless decisive steps are undertaken, something that seems far from the present strategy.

In a recent discussion, Vladimir Kutcherov, Professor at the Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden and the Russian State University of Oil and Gas, predicted that the present oil spill flooding the Gulf Coast shores of the United States “could go on for years and years … many years.”

Shortly after the interviews with the Russian mafia leaders Obama and the BP leaders met and exchanged “HIGH FIVES” and “BUTT SLAPS” and then climbed in their limousine and drove off to their private JETS and fly off to their Swimming lessons in the Bahamas….

FISHEADS on the spot water reporter guy asked for the local scoop and had the chance to interview the local swim instructor who kept trying to pretend he was an important member of some kind of conservation something….FISHEADS ignored him knowing damn well anyone with the last name COUSTEAU was just another Hippie and probably living off the local Happy Hour Hors d’oeuvres……you be the judge…

Swim coach for the stars...

Along with the idea that there might ..just perhaps..I’m thinking on the slight chance there could be long-lasting on going leaks in subsurface aquatic based oil lines…Is this the ONLY one..? could the oil Companies around the globe be selfish enough to hide such information from the other Earthly Inhabitants..? could they huh could they…?

YES THEY COULD ! FISHEADS found in a recent interview with our two undercover operatives…Using super secret identities these two young men were able to disguise themselves as hair dressers (undercover code name Linda and Jake) and work their way to the top of the HAIR OIL supply business meeting all the hair oil suppliers world-wide and learning almost nothing of importance except that hair stylists don’t really make good tips, but pole dancers do…

Here for the first time are the secret photos of the undercover ladydudes with their cool oil based dyed hair we later shaved and used for shark flies and barracuda darts in the Keys…..

Disguised as hair dressers these two were able to infiltrate the worlds secret society of Hair Oil Companies...

Sure you don’t think any of this is important and you would rather not have to face the facts that i know more about this than you ..BUT.. I do…AND…you can’t ignore this problem anymore folks…your home is being destroyed……..


Ever feel like you were being followed

This guy (Turkey) calls and books a trip and says he wants the real TROUT BUM experience, the sleeping riverside, campfire, tying flies at the camp table to match the hatch, camp food, no showers, squating in the shovel hole..Everything rugged…outdoorsy…

“OUTDOORSEY.?” can you please tell me what “outdoorsy” means..?

OK SOOO here’s what really happens.

He bothers me every damn day for 37 days in a row about his gear, waders, boots, studs, laces, belts, vest chest pack back pack fanny pack ditty bag man purse etc….checks with me daily about friends, casting practice, fly shops, fly patterns, his new hat sun block haircut and breathable whatevers…then…

He cancels a day before because the weather looks cloudy so it might rain, “Googled” the weather and calls to say there is a 38% chance of showers which is close to 40% and that’s not far from a 50/50 chance of thunderheads and that might mean lightning…….if he stays home he gets to make some more dough and since he does have this “life style” he has created for himself, and his family, that takes a substantial amount of money..about  $45’000.00 a year er soo…….

Then he asks if he can get a rain check and since he’s a return customer ..can he have a is hard and with the new car and fuel prices flying his own plane has become pretty expensive…

I tell him I already gave him a discount to begin i’m only charging him for one person because he has a friend coming to pay for the other half..though they haven’t come..because they cancelled..which realistically doesn’t make him a return customer…

MAN ! have you seen the population of lodge goers that pretend to be trout bums…HEY ! WAKE UP !! ……”BUMS”…. is the key word in the phrease..”TROUT BUMS”..

Real live "TROUT BUMS" caught doing what they do best...NOTHING...

I swear I think there is a Google ferry following everyone around who spends more than a couple of hours a week on the comfuser..The newby answers every answer with a comment. Really !!, they ask a question, I answer, then they answer with some other opinion… ” Well I Googled it and the weather is going to be, the hatch should be, the flies should be, the area guide says, the river flows and temperature are , and that means this according to that which is what google says about the other thing…

Can we google the air quality coming from this guys yap..? smells a little like bull crap…

I know there is book after book, Blog after Blog, Videos,  hotlines, emails, text list updates, quick feed real-time auto release cams, on the spot motion sensor digital rectal uploads flowing through the hatch charts and out their pocket-book into the online shopping spree…but this doesn’t make ya a TROUT BUM..STEELHEAD BUM..or SALMON BUM….PIKE BUM…etc.

Sticking feathers up yer butt doesn’t make you a chicken….or a fly tyer..

So how does one become a trout bum reaching trout bumness and rolling around in the wealth of FISHEAD knowledge and crust..well first one must understand some basic rules:

1) A true trout bum doesn’t have any long-lasting desire except that which revolves around fly fishing and those things related to fly fishing.

2) Kids that don’t fly fish, ty flies and row boats are for sale.

3) All change found in any couch, public laundry matt, pay phone return, or friends car ashtray is to be used to purchase strong coffee or good hooks.

4) Bartering, Trading, swapping, and stealing (only from people who have more than you, you know,like Robin of the Hood) is the rule for acquiring fly tying materials.

5) Cane rods, classic flies, and aged scotch are to be worshiped even if you can’t afford any of the above.

6) Dogs and Fly Fishermen are better company than most anyone else, anywhere, anytime,..ever.

7)  Swett, dirt, sunblock, bug spray, crud, oil, body oder, smelly waders, rotten feet, scruffy face (women included), floatent stained clothes and bad hair are our friends.

8) Hot water kills wild fish and thus should be avoided. Showers are your enemy.

9) Fish n frogs pee in the water, drink coffee, soda pop or beer…keep your bottled water elsewhere we hate seeing the bottles float by.

10) Paying for casting lessons doesn’t mean you can cast, drifting in a boat doesn’t mean you can guide and knowing  the name of a fly is doesn’t mean you know what the fish are eating.

11) You must know how to:  Tie a fly to you tippet, a tippet to your leader, and your own shoes.

12) You must pinch yer barbs, be real, honest, true and conscious… you could say we chose the red pill…(movie quote from the Matrix)

13) You must quit your job, change your career and change your mind based on the River Flows and Hatches.

14) You must re-evaluate your college Major and forget the words, “semester” or “curriculum” and replace them with the words, “opener” and “road trip”.

15) You must have more money in your ashtray and under your grungy floor mats than in the bank.

16) You must have Grungy floor mats.

These rules are just the beginning of a long and happy pleasurable life filled to the brim with luke warm coffee, car cooked unidentifiable food and dashboard discolored flies.

Friendships will be made along the way, perhaps a path of meeting private land owners and asking their permission to trespass or offering to ty flies for the camp host in exchange for a shower..or maybe trading secrets about some other river while sipping a spring cooled brew just to kill the time before the evening hatch.

These are the things that form the Trout Bum. The desire to find the solitude and serenity that come drifting through the true currents of life, with which you wish to belong, to be something wild and free. These things cannot be Purchased they must be earned and discovered…..


…….MARRIED WINGS….What does the art of Marrying feather fibers together and the optometrist have in common..?..
What does skidding to a stop every time ya see strange domestic birds on some poor bastards farm, along the road, have to do with casting TWO HANDED RODS…?
Where did my Mother go wrong…?
Well the secret is folks that the only way to learn to be an alcoholic is by DRINKING..coarse some are more genetically prone to fly fishing than others…REHAB DON’T WORK..I promise…..GIVE IN…don’t fight the FORCE LUKE…
The Dollar store is the best place to buy reading Glasses by the way….and trying to get good winging MATERIAL is a lot like trying to pull someones teeth while they are driving….I promise….

Oh I know you have seen this info before in the many books and videos on the subject and I’m sure this seem redundant and repetitive and maybe the same…but I don’t care really..

There seems to be this ongoing thing about some stuff where there is concern and I’m afraid there is going to be real controversy over this if we don’t solve it soon…

“WHY ?”, you ask… Well it is simple really, and that’s the answer for the day folks…”SIMPLE”, that’s where it all stands at the brink of a new age, where everything will be for a brighter tomorrow and nothing will be lost.

Everything in life depends on your participation in life…….

FISHEADS WISDOM QUOTE for the day..”You can’t ty flies if you don’t ty flies..”

Think to hard and your head will fall off…..have a great day !


There are few things more emotionally taxing than the look of a sad sculpin..

………..SCULPIN FEELING NEGLECTED AND IGNORED have recently been witnessed walking out of the lakes near Chicago. Complaining that they have been ignored due to everyone’s inability to see them because of their camouflage and their ability to blend into their surroundings……”We are not Politicians !, we will not be ignored any longer..” a local Sculpin was heard screaming at the press on Tuesday afternoon before evening…
“From now on we will be showing our true colors and you will know us for who we are..!”

These rare and often unseen..hence the phrase "Rare" Blue Sculpin are taking a stand...

FISHEADS was there not here and we do agree…if these little guys follow through with what they say and show their real colors…then they ABSOLUTELY ARE NOT LIKE any POLITICIANS….

We did however find a picture that reminded us of all these racketeering bribe accepting lobbying mooching leeches we call our countries representatives and wanted to share this photo here first with ya’ll…

The most interesting thing we found while not really looking for anything interesting at all was there wasn’t anything NEW to REPORT…Disturbingly this was all the same stuff previous FISHEADS had tried in VAIN to alarm the country and the WORLD about for..well..about as long as there has been a spoken language…

There is that which is most confusing of all though…and that is where did talking fish come this evolution or have these fish always had the ability to speak and chose to turn their heads up at the human race…does this make them you suppose they will continue to debate with us and picket the fish markets …OR…will they just go back to where they came from and wait for us to destroy everything…Hmmmmm…????

This guy has perfect teeth, an example of a more advanced civilized culture....

FISHEADS will be here reporting the findings in true investigative fashion….we will sit and wait for the tabloids to print something and then we will steal it and make it our own !!


Chewy and natural in color...maybe should be changes to Oil Slick and fried....

………..WILL ALL SHRIMP IN THE GULF BE GUMMY SHRIMP…will I have wasted my time coming up with this cool and hip chewy shrimp fly..I mean all the fish will want deep-fried shrimp now….like popcorn shrimp, what the heck is going on that we can’t stop making such a mess..?

well I’ll tell you..(surprise) The aliens made them do it…THEM, not in it’s not our problem and now we know it wasn’t their fault because THEY made THEM do it…..wait wasn’t it THEM that were the ones we were talking about before I mentioned THEY…
ahh crap, I forgot what i was going to say…something about shrimp and OIL…hmmm…OIL and SHRIMP…shrimp in shallow OIL…death fields..shrimp fields…. OILY oil fields of shrimpy Greedy oil guys…HEY ! I remember…
nope..can’t seem to remember….oh now I got it….STOP MAKING SUCH A MESS !!

Fished yesterday and got deep-fried Speckled trout, Blackened Soul fish and one dead bird...

Still wondering about what is going to become of the Gulf..? NO NOT REALLY we live in does it bother us…it doesn’t, unless ya think about it…..and thats why the “Drunken Stupor” was invented…so people could ignore everything….

It has been scientifically proven that breathing burned oil smoke is good for you...

This isn’t really a tragedy folks, just view it from the religious point of view where as everything on EARTH was placed here for the riotous sect to do whatever they want and IT IS all OK..

Or we could view it from a more extended version of belief where as the existence of life is all precious and we should cherish all living things…or whatever you don’t cherish may come back as an alligator and bite yer ass off…

How bout we think of it as evolution and that we are helping change the way things grow and reproduce…The very LOOK of things…FISH for example may soon breed in the air while leaping to and fro so they don’t have to mate in MERCURY laden gravel beds, the smolt may have extra air bladders to help keep their heads out of poisonous waters and perhaps have developed lips that look like may fly emergers to attract small birds that when close enough will be swallowed by triple telescopic parana lips… I wonder what our FLY PATTERNS will look like…?

Joe Kayafas tyed this 4 eyed fly to imitate the psychedelic quad-visioned Shrimp now found off the shores of Louisiana

Heres some assinighing information for you to completely ignore and go on with your attempt at wasting huge amounts of water from your sprinklers so you can fit in with your neighbors….

..SOOOO…did you read that..? Crazy isn’t it…? Weird that anyone would need convincing that there MIGHT be a REASON to NOT drill for more oil…like maybe GREED and ENVIRONMENTAL POISONING   !!!!