"Being a professional fly fishing guide and fly tyer, combined with a green conscious, guarantees your place in those blessed rivers of the ever after.." -Bruce Lee


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Fisheads Flies™n Lore super secret undercover in disguise sly spy guy was recently involved in a secret, that’s why you didn’t know about it, “investigation”..(Gathering of information be it real or false that may or may not be of interest to other fisheads like myself)

Seen here in this picture below, here below this type, under this sentence, next to me,  is the Fishead that has devilishly concealed himself in this clever disguise impersonating a guy who can actually catch fish,  fooling even the most observant discriminating bait slinger….. he peeped through the bushes in an effort to see what was going on…trying to figure out where the fish are and what fly to use…..etc  etc

You would never suspect that the face you see here, next to Terry, is a mask made from the same substance fake Boobs are made from….

There seemed to be an underlying tense feeling of territorial rights emanating from the fishermen along the banks of this river…That negative energy weighed heavy on our light hearted fun happy attitude as we hopped and skipped, frolicking down the bank to fling some flies at the far shore…(or maybe the Washington residents could somehow sense we had recently been in California..)……weird…

I would like to credit our happy feelings to the ever present source of “TUG” lurking there in the discolored river. It is that after all that brings us out of our warm beds where we were comfortable next to our lovely wives and stuffed animal shaped body pillows….The reason we wander aimlessly around trout streams all summer, and why we mumble to ourselves during “Oprah” and “Days of our lives”….The very blood that runs through my veins makes me part steelhead I believe !,   however it could have been the coffee creamer my brother brought along to ease his suffering….

Crown Royal coffee creamer and cough suppressant….

Noticeable in this photograph is the oil that has leaked from the cars of about One Billion Bait fishermen that frequent this river Every morning in search of fish (or fly fishermen) to Kill…the parking lot was framed in a littering of worm containers, cigarette butts, empty beer bottles (I know because I checked) and what seems to be the same kinda stuff that comes along with guys that don’t give a rats ass about the environment or their fellow anglers…I’m not just speaking of the ever present environment, as in “Mother Nature”…Don’t even accuse me of being a tree hugger.. (Those charges were dismissed in court, and for the record, there is no law against climbing trees naked)

I’m talking about the space between me and you. The environment you can easily disrupt with your cigarette smoke, or I can disrupt with my loud “Boot in yer ass” country music…The space that could easily be described as those places we frequent, we share,..the river bank, the gas station, the road to and fro…THAT environment..the one that is littered with trash, the one where the road signs are full of bullet holes and you wont dim your damn head lights…

How bout some simple consideration…pick up what you drop and if you didn’t drop it, pick it up any way…your kids will respect you more and so will I…And were not going to mention the fact that you don’t know how to keep steppin’..nope not gonna mention it, I’m not saying a word about your inability to start at the top of a run and step in line and rotate through so everyone can fish it way, not here,,,I refuse. I won’t say anything about you jumping in at the bottom of my swing and “LOW  HOLING” all of us as we struggle to keep from splitting your skull with a wooden horse head..I wont belittle myself enough to mention that you use enough lead to sink a boat as you cast across my line all the while saying you wish you knew how to fly fish. Asking me if I enjoy fly casting as you wade in 5 feet away on my downstream side is like asking me if I want to poison your cat…”yes, I do”…

How many guys do you think you can fit into a run anyway….? Apparently a LOT !

If I had to fish like this I would chew my own leg off just to get away….

Our crazy wild and smart as a wood pecker undercover agent man “Brett”, had discovered something that hadn’t been discovered yet, hence the reason I just said he had to “discover” it…

It seems, and this is just crazy, that there is a lack of respect amongst bait fisherman toward the more superior gifted and wise fly fisherman..and you wont believe this..Those bait wielding thugs said we fly fishermen are arrogant..!!! can you believe that..? OMG (as my texting friends say) what will come next..? accusations of our trying to stop all catch-n-keep of any wild species  ? comments about our environmental consciousness  ? Poking fun at our electric cars  ? why don’t they just go ahead and say it, go ahead..say I’m COLOR COORDINATED !!

Seriously now, the returns on this river are astounding ! ! and I have to say there hasn’t been another day in my life where i enjoyed fishing with Brett more than this day…..the only day we have ever fished together…for an hour or so…

My brother Heith seemed to become happier as the day went on. I noticed he also perhaps has a bladder problem as he continued to get out of the river and hide in the bushes, stammering and stumbling back to the river he also became noticeably more shiny and happy..SMILEING a lot !!

Shiny and Happy…Everything is better with coffee creamer, friends and family !

I did learn a few things about this great area that made me rethink my plans to move to Alaska,  for about one minute,  then I remembered my goal is to die after picking a fight with a grizzly bear and being mauled and chewed into fish food size chunks… idea I am just not willing to let go of.

These very small but round tube flies were productive however I thought Spey Flies would be larger…

I did enjoy learning more about the Scandi lines and how well they work for the coastal rivers, I do appreciate the sharing of shared information that the local fly casters openly shared when sharing it with me…the best part was the open honesty about fly patterns,  I couldn’t believe it when Brett told me that his investigation into the best ever Steelhead Spey fly for the Cowlitz had revealed this small but round Spey fly…really weird to me but I fished it hard all day and although I think I might have had a couple on I’m not sure because I never really felt them….

Over all, I would like to stand…and say that this was a great time and i feel like the skill set here was that of fine silver..with the salad fork and everything. I would like to thank Brett for the time he spent with us..I tried to thank him while he was with us but he must have had to leave in a hurry because after he directed us to the river he jumped in his truck and throwing gravel everywhere he sped away……weird.

Keep swinging…….FISH ON ! ! ! !


Too precious to be lost to mass agriculture and over population these Trout are far more important than you…..or me…….but mostly you…

Always wondering what California is doing to stop the resources from being sent south in big tubes and canals……Oh I know the State must have a consciouns…maybe it is being effected by GREED..n..POWER…wait..!!! Electricity is Power..and Power means Money and Money usually doesn’t mean free housing for the homeless or Arms for the poor, please sir penny for a usually means GREED… Holy friggen bulky wallets and dry stream-beds bat man..I think I may have found the reason Northern California continues to ship water all the way to the desert…see there, all this time I thought it was because they asked nicely…..

Flood control is great except there is no way to naturally clean the rivers channel..sediment and overgrowth clog the rich environment choking the life from her thus killing off an otherwise great local economy booster….Fly Fishing catch-n-release only and a lot of room for a stream trail from the Sacramento River to Lake McCumber…!!! Well except for that privately owned rented out to “Pay for play” fly fisherman in the valley….

Diversion dams divert Battle creek water to canals for flood control and to be run through stations for electricity production

Because of the ongoing water consumption in the south the north state has struggled to keep water in the rivers and streams. In this case the water starts around Lassen at about 5000 feet elevation …the cool thing is there are two creeks up here…one headed into Tehama county along Hwy 36 stocked with trout for those put-n-take guys and the other one that gets little recognition.. flowing to Battle Creek resivoir where it is used for fun…then it flows through a spill way and heads for Lake McCumber another sweet fishery at times and what once was an easy access lake is now mostly private property all around. The water then drains toward HWY 44 where the local swimming hole is the major attraction during the summer months. After being abused by the local beer consuming peeing in the riperian habitat teenagers the water flows down through a tough to access over grown canyon before diving into the Battle Creek Gorge, which is so remote I have found horse skelletons, cougars, Huge old rusty Bear traps and even a ball-n-cap pistol. However the main reason to wade through the poison oak and Rattle snakes is to,,sling shot dry flies at very spooky but wonderfly beautiful unprotected native trout. Pygmy rods needed here for sure…

Gobbling dry flies these guys need your help and protection to make this a great fishery.

This environment has proven after much investigation to be a very very VERY RICH one to say the least…the water is Gin clear, clean of ..uh..poop n stuff….

No housing and very little logging combined with no road access has created a impenetrable “Thatch” of riparian habitat that grows for miles and completely covers the stream.  However Logging does remain ominus lingering in the air loke the fog at a chili cook off….Clear Cutting is STILL being practiced in a state where it is ok to litterally LOVE on THY neighbor …? what…? yes its true…Timber companies are still allowed to cut everything, lets say “SHAVE” the wiskers right off ol’ Mother Natures rump…

The canopy, I’m back at the stream now so try to keep up will ya….The canopy actually grows together and covers the stream then hangs down into it..trailing in the water, creating more habitat for the aquatic trout foods and shaded areas for trout, that are stunted in growth due to lack of a larger habitat. The stream is clogged with silt and moss due to the non existing “flood stage” waters…..

Access points like this one are limited, only 2 exist in about 15 miles and one is gated with “No Trespassing” signs protecting PG&E power subs.

The Canyon run turns into the Gorge and the drop or climb depending on how you dare to access this stretch is a exhilarating physical effort full of photographic opportunities, ecological excitement, fishing opportunity and a great chance at a really nice Rattle Snake bite…with a sweet dash of Poison Oak to help ya appreciate the wild country still left in California.

Battle Creek Gorge used here as the backdrop  in this defiantly elegant photograph, my suicidal wife scaling rock outcroppings with out harness…AGAIN….could easily fall a thousand feet landing in a kinda Rambo fashion through the trees…if she wasn’t as sure footed as a lynx that is..

Angela Edelmann tempting fate on one of the best rock climbing orurtunities along the Battle Creek Gorge.

The gin clear waters flowing at the bottom of the unprotected unregulated trout fishery are shaded through the day by a heavy canopy created from old growth timber. Dark are the shadows here, Moss is thick and there are spirits and unexplainable sounds of timber falling, native languages and wagons on the ridge lines…..

The nights are totally dark and eiry in this Gorge….the days are silent except for mysterious sounds and water flowing…

This Gorge has as much history as it does beauty. At several locations along its ridge there are still settlement gave yards. Some have escaped the vandalization of video game TV babies, whos parents haven’t taught them respect before moving them to Northern Calif and setting them free in the woods,  a last ditch effort to save them from the environment they came from…forgetting their own parenting skills continue to be the largest denominator to the self awareness problem…sorry…tangent…my bad.

Starting in the Mountains near Shingletown California, this deep dangerously steep walled almost impassive Gorge is home to elegant wild TROUT !

The Cunningham family, NO not the Happy Days TV show Cunninghams…I am speaking of those Cunninghams that settled and witnessed the falling of massive ceder trees that were milled and chopped by hand into ricks of shingles destined for roof tops of the houses far below in the valleys along the Sacramento river..Reading was the name of the town at that time..(No not Redding, READing)., and those generations of the past are still part of an ongoing RAPE ! what RAPE ? you ask..well the RAPING of the unsustainable resources taken for granted by central and southern Californians. RAPERS !

One can still find rotting stacks of shingles along the ridges if one looks hard enough…and trash, piles of burned tin cans from beans and ..I gotta tell ya..I had no idea how much Ketchup loggers used to maybe drink..until I started scrounging around these old dump piles to see what was there. Funny, I found that we’re still throwing away the same stuff….A Hundred years later and the Glass I find is still as usable as it was the day it was made.

Back to the Creek…RICH with entomology the Macro photography could keep you busy for a life time.  If you are careful, you may discover a new species..anything is possible in a canyon so remote. I believe I am the only one to struggle through the challenge of hiking its length in the last 20 years….well there is no sign anyone else has been there anyway…

A lovely specimen of Large May Fly…easily a #10 hook…but what is it…?

These Babies are everywhere as well…and the trout gobble them up…

Photographic fun and fishing friendly we use flies to imitate these fluffy floating guys and the fish love them

Stone Flies are abundant, Caddis flies, Huge October Caddis and this funny looking Golden Stone Fly hatches in October….??

Found in abundance along Battle Creek in October…? WOW what a surprise…!

This River, running from Lassen at 5000′ to it’s confluence with the Lower Sacramento River at about 400′ elevation, falls some 4600′ it is isolated due to terrain almost it’s entire length…Isolated is good for trout…except when isolated means out of the watchful eye of those who care about its existence. Without protection the timber in the Gorge will, at some point, be logged.  The steep banks will become bare of strengthening root systems, leading to devastating erosion, then without the shade of huge trees the brush will grow rampant and be the kindling for the next wild fire. After the fire there will be even more erosion and then brush will grow again etc etc etc….

Regulations protecting this area, stream and habitat improvement, making the public aware of this great resource and providing our children with the opportunity to experience the joy to be had here…these will be the paths to saving this genuinely wonderful place. These folks will help you and they are barely in anyones pocket…,,


A very beautiful river and scenic canyon in desperate need of a flush and some Hydro-seeding

“Erosion is a problem on the South platte”…..YA THATS a UNDERSTATEMENT !!  I recently read where a guy stated that “the sediment is all gone and covered up by nice spawning gravel..” Obviously this guy hasn’t really investigated the theory of GRAVITY….lets take a look at the simple idea of..a gold pan lets say…OK?  whatever..

So here’s the deal, ya place sand, gravel, mud, sediment and maybe some GOLD in the GOLD PAN…swirl it around in the water..and,, WALLA..!!! the heavy stuff sinks to the bottom…..”OH MY GOSH” you might say…

here’s one even crazier..if you don’t let the water wash away the sediment from the Gold Pan then the sediment just covers up the heavier gravels..and the Trout Eggs..I mean Gold…Golden Trout eggs….Trout eggs are Gold…Trout eggs are MONEY…HEY ! I got it..TROUT mean MONEY for the local economy…..HA HA !  I’ll be rich, RICH I tell ya….! Just as soon as we figure out how to get the sediment under control in the rivers…..oh ya I promise it’s not just a problem in the South Platte…..

Silt piles at the bottom of every draw and every draw meets with a tributary to the rivers...every draw is a seasonal tributary my friends..

More silt please…? More energy goes into delivering the hot coffee at McDonald’s than goes into making the general public aware of the deteriorating spawning grounds in this country…; Which would explain why the service at the local Micky D’s was so very grand…”GOOD MORNING HOW CAN I HELP YOU..?” the squeaky screaming voice bellowed from the loud speaker…have you ever seen the roadside billboards of the girls on Meth..some places use them to detour drug use…others maybe to encourage it..I’m not sure how it’s really working either way…However this Drive through beauty was the model for those billboards for sure…

Gave us a good reason to discuss fast food chains and their impact on our rivers as we hauled ass for the parking area below the dam..

Well you would be pissed to if you truly understood whats happening..

Are you aware that McDonald’s operates over 31,000 restaurants worldwide, employing more than 1.5 million people who are overweight…  McDonald’s operates in more than 119 countries, on six continents and the only thing that compares to their ability to spread far and wide.. is a virus…

Why does this matter..well SILT is a problem for fish..silt comes from ground that is depleted or that will not sustain plants hence no root systems and thus dry blowing dust in the summer and mud in the winter…all of which affects our water…in more ways than I have room to explain. However large-scale farming is a good start….Global warming might be another….Obesity another….

McDonald’s uses some oil…

vegetable oil is used..well it’s not really vegetable oil its soy bean oil..shortly there will only be one producer of soy beans and that will be the  Monsanto company and their Genetically Modified soy bean..(resistant to pretty much all forms of chemical controls)  This plant invades its neighboring fields. Other guys farms,  and once in those fields the neighbors find themselves neck-deep in law suits for growing this “Privately Owned” food source…

Lotsa Soy means Lotsa farms means Lotsa fuel being used…consume… consume… CONSUME !!…..I wonder when, from a religious perspective, if the word “Gluttony” is ever applied to a CULTURE or just one poor obese McDonald eating sap….

Obesity, Heart disease, Global warming, Slavery, and sticky floors are what this place has to offer..

Quick math for ya…(We were jacked up on coffee and adrenalin on the way to stick big pigs so what else would we talk about..?) The average amount of oil used at each Jiffy Lube..I mean about 1800 gallons a year, multiply that by the restaurants world-wide and….it comes out to around 52’700’000 gallons of oil…..WAIT ! why can’t they just set up collection canisters under all the leaking CARS at Wal-Mart..?

FOOD for THOUGHT…?  Actually fatty foods decrease your ability to think..stupid people tend to have less concern for their own well being..SOOooo McDonald’s has enhanced their job security through Unhealthiness……cool.

I asked what  the big “M” is doing to help….? well this is their public statement…”McDonald’s is recognized as an environmental leader for our commitment and our actions – to protect the environment for future generations. We recognize that our customers’ quality of life tomorrow will be affected by our environmental efforts today.”

That doesn’t really answer the question…….

Sexy fish like this deserve clean gravel to spawn in...

Steep banks made of ancient soils with nothing to hold the soil in place adds up to huge muddy sliding silty slurry yuckie put it scientifically..

Steep banks with little or no vegetation are quickly washed into the rivers season after season.

Sweet fish in an absolute wonderful place !! Rainbow and Browns grow to Trophy size here…One might ask why they..”THEY”…don’t just open the gates and flush the place…..well take a look at the thousand acres or more that burned around that area and you will see a never-ending supply of silt…

Whats the difference…? well healthy watershed produce heathy fish and that’s why it matters to me…well that and I like to breathe air and drink clean water and neither of those are owned by any major food chain or mass agricultural typhoon……YET !

This nice Salmon Fly would like us to consider his wellbeing next time we go sniffing around the ol’ dollar menu…

And I’m not knocking the fishing across the west er anywhere..BUT don’t you find yourself fishing downstream from DAMS most of the time….

salmon fly

Healthy Trees are vital to the stable weather conditions around the world. The Rockies…which are NOT only found in Colorado…have a small ..well HUGE…Beetle problem. The reason there is a beetle problem isn’t because as a nation of almost free people we chose to stop spraying pesticides across the wilderness areas …it’s actually because the winters are trending to be shorter..NO it isn’t because of GLOBAL’s because the folks that live there requested shorter cold spells cause they wanted to work on their tan….

Barely Recognizable, the beetle killed trees almost perfectly blend in due to their lovely dead color….the estimates have been pretty close to right on about how much timber is being lost.  The suggestion is through Canada and down through the good ‘ol USA we will have lost half our timber resources…MATURE 2010…OH is 2010 !

Heres a sneak preview of whats to come…..(SHhhhhh..this is a super secret kept from us by our own lack of interest as to whats going on outside of our usual cell phone fast food consumer worlds)…Do YOUR kids even know what trees are..?

Might not want to drop a match anywhere near here….wheres here ?? well its a couple THOUSAND MILES throughout the United States and Canada…These huge dead forests Don’t produce air nor do they filter it…Filter ? you ask..

Yes filter..simple really, they absorb from the air the toxins that contribute to global warming and send them down through their little tree veins into their root systems underground where they can’t really hurt us HIGHER INTELLIGENT life forms….did you send any trees a thank you card for this hard work…? was it made from one of their friends…?

There are obviously gi-normous problems that come with the massive loss of wild forest lands…the one we are most concerned with here is the lack of  a forests ability to stabilize its own soil…no shade no ground cover…FIRE breaks out…Burns everything…Then these mountains start to show up in the valleys, in the rivers, as sediment…..WAIT, isn’t this where we started..? I AM SORRY..i’m always talking in circles.!

It is all connected folks……


BIG TROUT and BALD HEADS… This years BTnBH convention is to be held in Oregon on the coast. Last years event in Florida didn’t seem to go over so well due to the over abundance of frigging sunshine, blistered heads and complaints from locals. Linda Said her “burning stinging eyes caused from sweat dripping with sun block drizzling into the ol tear ducts sucked”…oouuch..

ouch ouch ouch....

This year however we have decided to stay in the rainy duck skinned clouded barely any sunshine part of the country, OREGON….!

We have many activities for the non fly fishermen and woman….NOT !!

Families are welcome to join us for the BBQ

( Roger and Marry, We prefer you leave your kids at home because nobody really likes your kids and you never even watch the little brats anyway …)

One event we have planned is to write hate mail to the tourist agency that suggested Florida for last years convention…And another event would be making fun of people who refuse to accept their own baldness ..

sticking feathers up your ass doesn't make you a chicken..

All in all we plan to have a grand time so please join the fun…
Remember ..”BALD HEADS never stopped anyone from catching BIG TROUT”


FLY FISHERMAN’S GHOST HAUNTS the banks of Couer D’Alene lake as the worm drowning crowd gets a little freaked out…

Spirits like this one have been appearing and screaming at people..

Yes yes, I know, I’ve heard that as well, theres is no such thing as ghosts…and you are probably right…However that really doesn’t help explain this picture.. of an obvious spiritual encounter…and this very scared bait fishermen wondering what will happen next..? ?
Scientists have found proof that there is a message being conveyed from the spirit world to ours that clearly is an unclear message about picking up our own trash….?
“That is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard” stated Jimbo McGee as he filled his beer can and sank it to the bottom of the lake, “There aint no proof what so ever that trash bothers anyone who actually cares, Hell my grandpa said he used to use dy-no-mite and blow up the damn spawning pods of fish and fill his deep freeze so full.. he had to throw most of the fish away in the spring due to the freezer burned meat….and what did them old timers do with their trash, old oil and sewage ??  hell they just dumped it in the rivers and lakes and the fish ate it…thats why we usedta have so many fish before the Damn En-Viro-Mentalists got themselves all involved….damn tree huggin commies.”
Well FISHEADS was a bit stumped with this response as it seems there is actually proof that when people did dump everything toxic in the streams, rivers and lakes there WAS actually more fish…for awhile..then they disappeared about the time people were forced to stop dumping their crap (no pun intended) in the waters…maybe the fish REALLY did eat all that stuff…WOW, hey guys we figured it out !! NO MORE LAND FILLS just dump all that shit in the lake and the fish will eat it…holy carp..!
BOOO!!! wake up folks the spirits are watching and they are not amused…..

Interestingly enough FISHEADS undercover secret science guys have found that when we pollute the earth funny little events ..BARELY noticeable through the human eye,,,,happen GLOBALLY…like the disappearance of several hundred species..

I know this is silly I mean why would anyone care about bugs, snails and cockle shells…How about reptiles and amphibians…or Mammels…or friggen people…?

Ok just kidding about the people thing, any responsible adult would know we could stand to lose a few people for sure…

Can you imagine a little kids life without the wonder of wild things…only seeing these things through the glass window at the zoo or on T.V….

Little kids love these little fuzzy guys...

Oh isn’t that cute…the baby reaches for the little Caterpillar……at the rate Humans are going we will have destroyed  hundreds species or more…by the time this little guy has been around for only a decade…

Oh yes I know I’m beating a dead horse…thats a weird saying…How about we beat some folks that refuse to believe there is more important gifts  in life than money….?  Thirsty anyone…..

History has proven time and time again water is our most precious natural resource

History tells us in a loud firm voice that as a resource fails its consumers will take from their neighbors and when that resource is gone the civilization that used it dies as well…..and or becomes slaves to the next resource depleting society…

Soup anyone…?

FISHEADS anti pollution police discovered this chemical fish concoction in a protected wet lands area behind a large parking lot. The parking areas  gutter systems all seemingly made to deliver “clean rain runoff”  to the happy ducks and frogs of this pristine wildlife sanctuarry…..However, somehow, someone, forgot to mention to the folks building the parking area that CARS…yes CARS…..believe it or not..might frequent the area and then they might leak oil, drip lubricant, maybe shed road grime.  Humans might litter the area with every vile thing that comes from a shitload of moms and their MINI VANS…and that all the STUFF that was left on the parking area may get washed into the wet lands….uh..oh crap, sorry, I forgot where I was going with this…

OH YES now I remember…FISHEADS undercover agent dudes found out through a secret unknown informant (which is why they are called secret), ..that this was not actually pollution but IT was just a NEW way to sauté fish…WHAT..? WHO KNEW…sooo once again we here at big mouth response radio have to ask ourselves…”Is it really that bad, I mean does anyone really care..?”

Dangerous Rioting outbreaks abundantly abundant....

Well these Rioting rioters were found demonstrating along the banks of a free-flowing actually clean river…The demonstration broke into a fit of violence and extreme warlike turmoil as the Rioters were expected to actually set their food down before rioting any further down river….

This seems to be the way of the world now doesn’t it..nothing settled peacfully..people argueing as to whether we own this or that . whether we belong to IT or IT belongs to us.

Religions place all responsibility on some higher power…”It was placed here for us to use as we see fit….if we weren’t supposed to eat them they wouldn’t be made from meat….all life is precious, especially mine….”

I have to admit there is something sweet about not takeing responsibility for your actions and giving something you can’t see the ability to forgive you…..

Where does it end.?..when will we wake up and realize there is a limited amount left..? aliens exist and do they have Elvis..? these are the things that keep me up at night…

Knock it off,  it’s really not funny…what of the next generation….we will leave them empty of life……thus empty of spirit……and totally un-amused.


Literally Hundreds of Pounds of Paper

…………………….I WANT EVERYONE TO STOP BUYING PAPER PRODUCTS RIGHT NOW………..unless the products are recycled. There that’s done now lets plan for a brighter tomorrow…..

Hey ‘cmon I’ve got enough old magazines to fill a…uh…box…
SO here’s the dealeo…1971 magazine, same info as today, same bugs, same rivers..(except the rivers where the trout didn’t get enough trash to eat so they died, or the rivers filled with silt…or people…or peoples poop)….

Same sales techniques as well…”wear these lines and you won’t look fat, use these top 10 nymphos, spry on this floaty and you’ll taste just like real Dr. pepper..” Crazy that what worked then is still working now…I mean the sales gimmicks…
PLEASE USE THE INTERNET !! online is faster and its old lead filled toxins seeping into your skin…your children can’t lick the internet and die of cancer…no paper cuts……and a lot less waste to sort through for the homeless…..

Trees have recently been seen seeing us...

This Tree as well as many others have recently been observed observing us and when asked “why?” , they couldn’t answer because they didn’t have any mouths… HOWEVER, there seemed to be this LOOK in their EYE that said “C’MON Knuckle heads stop friggin destroying living things , you’re supposed to be an ADVANCED society of intelligent beings….” or perhaps they just had sap in their eye…..

BOOKS ?? YES I LOVE books….!

I own these and HUNDREDS more !!

..However ya have to admit that if we aren’t using recycled products to make books we’re being a little ridicules. I know..I know..I love old book stores and the strong smell of coffee and moldy paper but the whole thing is only cool if its worn and tattered books from many old and tattered owners…those that have life stories of their own, escaped book burnings and crayola crayon carrying little brats…Books given to friends and signed by lovers, books stolen from libraries during some mis-spent youths college days before their realizing fishing is more important..those books belong in the book stores…

These new books should either be 100% recycled with fabric covers and soy ink or they should be banned and ridiculed by the religious cults from here to Tibet and… track a little…

Speaking of religion I was at the Christian book store the other day enjoying a dark roast and bran muffin when I suddenly, by complete surprise was surprised suddenly by this supprise…a BIBLE that cost $2000.00 …”Holy SHIT..!.” ya I said it out loud….didn’t mean to…just happened….

I couldn’t help thinking there could be at least ONE hungry mouth to feed that might could use part of those proceeds….I checked and there was no sign that the Bible..or ANY bible for that matter was printed on recycled paper….weird. Then I realized that most religions don’t really hold us accountable for our sins against the earth or it’s creatures..matter a fact religions are usually used to justify and even promote the irresponsible behaviors..

I had a child tell me once that the fish will always be there because God replaces the ones we take out of the ocean. God apparently does this at night when he can’t be seen, and that explains why we have such great Steelhead returns lately….or it could be that the hatchery fish actually came from the hatchery…who knows ?  This same belief applies to recycling…”There aint no reason to recycle because we will not need this earth in the after life”..I was wondering what afterlife misty mystical foggy belief of permission to not really care whats going on around you because this life doesn’t really matter…what..?   crazy…crazy…

Back to some basic facts…. These should help you understand some scary things about yourself, your family, your work place and your community….Question is what are you going to do about it…?

A Wonderful Wild River.....and casting into a head wind....

ONE of the many problems with Guiding Fly Fishermen as I’ve always seen it , is that we introduce a paying customer to something we hold sacred…close to our heart and soul…for a price ? A couple hundred dollars ?

See the IRONY in this.? As I strive to protect what I believe to be foremost important, right up there with family and good dry-fly hackle..I also am taking folks who don’t understand why it is so important to me and I’m showing them the door, giving them permission to invade and to Tromp on that which we care so deeply about…

OH YES I am too aware that as a guide I am supposed to be teaching ETHIC…care for the sensitive environment, pack it in pack it out, tread lightly and TIP heavily !!

The majority of folks that come and pay to play aren’t the folks that are looking to submerge themselves in the waters of life..they want for their desk..IPhone email from the boat..recording the screaming reel with the drag set light and forwarding it to their employees to hear as they pile up the pounds of Carbon sitting in Two hour deep traffic in a city that’s piped in as much stolen river water as they have piped out waste water…

Come on now don’t get pissed at me I’m just saying that if you love what you love then don’t sell it….for any price….

Students who appreciate the natural resources are students that start early and stay late..

At what point does the Fly Fisherman STOP buying paper products from the grocery shelf, bagging them in plastic, dropping the paper receipt in the trash ? and when do you start asking the folks publishing all the wonderful things we love to see and read, to do so online only…..for the sake of the rivers, trees and for the next generation…..tell stories around the table….in person….about recycling…..100% recycled paper or post it online….

OK ok..enough preaching and complaining about things that are out of yours and my control..I mean really now, it’s cool to talk about all this but everyone knows that in this country people can’t just stand up and say..”Hey !, umm excuse me we don’t really like all the waste and pollution so can we please stop pooping in our own soup..?”  Never gonna happen…?!  Wanna BET..?

Just take a look at these NEW GUIDE BOOTS from a leading Fly Fishing Gear manufacturar…COMPLETELY recycled materials and resistant to those damn pesky Zebra muscles as well……


As the STEELHEAD CONSUME my every thought I am forced to say goodbye to my friend the Cutthroat and look toward longer deeper rivers with a happy sadness of pure… bull crap.! I’m not going to stop fishing anything until it’s frozen solid..and then I might just stand on the ice and practice my casting…


I'm totally almost seriously not barely lying about this...

HEITH  CAN”T BELIEVE THIS REALLY HAPPENED TO HIM..Recently discovered in the upper Sacramento River near Redding Ca. these ‘Mahseer” fish are as strange a thing to see as wet wading fly fishermen casting before noon …

“Holly friggen fat cow !” Pasture Heith was heard yelling from the waters above Simms bridge on Sunday.
After collecting the donations from the church tray to replenish his fuel allotment and driving up I5 through a maze of Highway Patrol speed traps, Heith finally arrived exhausted and in desperate need of some early season casting instruction…
Following the trail to the water’s edge Heith was pondering the meaning of life as portrayed by the Simpsons the night before and not watching the trail slipped in a pile of fish guts landing hard on his wallet…..”F**>~!# “, pain causes foul language..
” Forgive me father for my potty mouth and the Pigmy’s down in…”
Heith stood wondering why there would be fish guts here where all wild fish should be released..He thought..golly gee, even in red neck north Idaho they have to release all wild fish….why wouldn’t they do that here as well…
As Heith investigated this quandary he spied a foam worm container below a “PACK IT IN PACK IT OUT” sign,..the words ‘NIGHT CRAWLERS’ stamped on the side were all he needed to understand what had happened here. “Satan worshipers” he mumbled as he kicked the guts into the river to feed the crayfish and pocketed the empty foam container.
Disappointed in the gut pile, the drive north and his sudden realization he was going bald like his older much better looking and far more skilled fly fishing brother…He only wanted to cast a line and catch a fish..
Heith moved to the edge of the riffle and pulled the line from the reel as the plot thickening music seemed to flow from the breeze blown trees. (Heith stated later he had thought it strange and had suddenly felt like “River Dancing”)

Heith noticed a small rise and figured he had a decent chance at this lil’ biddy immature fish. Heith tied a #10 yellow simulator to his line pondering the idea of maybe learning how to ty flies someday..
His first cast was a sweet 80 feet. He was proud ! yet there was no fly on the end of his leader. Looking back over his right shoulder he could see the fly dangling at the end of the tippet swinging from the tree only 40 feet away…
Tying another fly on and thinking “crap I better mooch some flies from someone soon”..he adjusted his cast and pitched out another fine loop. As the fly drifted over the feeding fish there was a sudden, although very little, sip. Heith set the hook as the 6′ trout jumped and splashed and Heith giggled a little bit.
Heith was enjoying this little guy when from out of nowhere, or actually from out of the river, lept a huge ugly massive fish that swallowed his little baby tiny trout whole in one loud chomp !!!!
Boy was Heith pissed..”Ruin my fishing you bastard !” Heith screamed causing his throat to hurt. Then he yelled “I’ll show you !” and he settled in for the long battle.
Heith landed the huge fish a minute later with the help of a tourist that was snorkeling in the area. Having forgotten his camera he asked a man watching from the river’s edge if he could photo the fish and the man said yes as long as he could hold the monster…the snorkeler jumped in as well and the photo turned out wonderful.
However no one believes Heith caught this fish because he’s not in the picture which is “ridiculous because Pastures do not friggen Lie !” as Heith says every time he explains the photograph..


STRANGE HEADLESS BIRD RANCH IN SOUTHERN KANSAS found to be raising headless birds (hence the name “headless” bird ranch)
Oh knock it off there is absolutely nothing wrong with genetically changing creatures to suit our own freaky creepy funky fancy::::
less there is the same the more there is for tomorrow..WHAT EVER IN THE HECK THAT MEANS…
my friend’s daughter says OMG I LMAO..
I figure if she could talk as well as she doesn’t then she could be the perfect politician….
New headline found here,,”The White house announced today it is going through with its plans to NOT support stem cell research because if they were supposed to be saved by god then they wouldn’t be dieing..duhh,,”
Meanwhile please keep working jobs you hate so you may buy shit you don’t need…..
Whats all this leading to you ask..NOTHING ! That’s my point…

There seems to only be one in a crowd that's actually watching whats happening...

It must be that there is nothing that is that interesting that we pay attention to that which isn’t that thing  that we should be paying attention to…

If you pay close attention you will hear just about anything you want to hear… problem is getting you to hear what you NEED to hear….